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Ride-on Scrubber

HT-105 Ride-on Scrubber Drier(double-brush )

HT-105 Ride-on Scrubber Drier(double-brush )

HT-105 drive-type washing machine offers high stability and durability, suitable for all types of floor cleaning tasks. We can meet different brushes to meet different types of floor cleaning needs. HT-105 drive-type washing machine is designed for large commercial floor cleaning: such as shopping centers, airport terminals; also suitable for industry: for example, large-scale logistics warehouse, production workshop.



- Bilateral brush design, high work efficiency even more.

- Long running time, running time up to 8 hours.

- One-touch control, built-in three automatic modes, to meet the needs of all clean ground.

- Large water tank, a clean-energy 10000² ground.

- Intelligent water sensing system, the full protection of the disc brush and water systems.
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